God to the rescue yet again…

Now a day the government is putting a lot of emphasis on much popularized pet project “Swachh Bharat Mission” aka Clean India Mission. General public is being made aware of its advantages. The government machinery is being shaken to implement it with much fanfare.


But as in everything, there seems to be some flaw in approach that is being followed for this mission. A lot of marketing is being done, attention generated. But there seems to be very little work on the ground and whatever is the effort that is visible, it’s by the general public and private enterprises.


Now also a large number of public places lack basic amenities such as dustbins, toilets. The ones that are available are full of garbage and stinking badly. The toilets are such that are not in a position to be used, overflowing and stinking badly. Nobody is there to take care of the toilets and it’s left to the mercy of nature and miscreants.


As for this campaign, it would have been better had the government identified the areas that lack basic amenities such as dustbins, toilets in public places, timely collection of garbage from dustbin etc. A large chunk of public places lack basic amenities and this gives anyone option to try alternatives.


But instead the focus is on advertisements, hoardings, meetings, presentations, awareness etc. Agree that awareness plays a major role but what can anyone do, if they can’t find a toilet when in need or a dustbin when they need to dispose off garbage.


Similar instance came to my notice in the capital of INDIA. People used to urinate at a couple of metro pillar with public toilets nowhere in sight and the pillars used to stink very badly. This was because it is dark by the pillar at night and with public toilet nowhere in sight, people got opportunity to relieve themselves at the pillar. Whenever anyone passed through the area it felt like the place needed a public toilet very desperately.


At first the companies adjacent to the pillars made arrangement of lights around the pillar to deter people from relieving themselves. But this was only partly successful as people shifted to the adjacent pillars.


So after a few days they came up with an innovative idea and this can happen in INDIA only and this is damn successful. They fixed tiles with god images on the metro pillar that fell in their vicinity. Interestingly the arrangement was such that the images of gods of all faith were there. At least they didn’t provide fuel to already burning issue on intolerance.



So now, those two particular pillars on which the god tiles have been placed are safe for now. But now the stink has shifted to pillars adjacent to it. Wonder what measure the company adjacent to it will take or will it turn a blind eye to it.



So here’s our approach, instead of constructing toilets, placing dustbins, we are taking the help of one’s faith to achieve our objective. We have the habit of taking help from god or asking for god’s help in every matter, when basically our actions affects our results.

If at least the civic agency cared to construct a toilet at the place or at least place a board that the next toilet is nearby and placed dustbins. Then 80% of people would have themselves used the toilets and the objective would have been achieved without the help of god, with our and only our sincere efforts.

This is the case all over INDIA. In fact the arrangements that are available inside the campus of a company are much better, than in a public place. And we say that the clean India mission is pet project of our government, it seems that it a mission of the private sector.

At any public place there is a huge shortage of dustbins and if any present is always full of garbage. And we are expected to throw garbage in dustbins only.
At many instances, it has happened that due to the lack of dustbins, we have to keep the garbage in our bags, just to keep the spirit of cleanliness alive.



First of all we let the garbage spread, then we clean it, wouldn’t it be good if we prevent the garbage from spreading and provide sufficient dustbins.If we could just provide dustbins within a gap of some 100 meters , construct toilets at public places and busy routes , we can easily be on our way to make India clean and we wouldn’t need the help of god or faith to clean India . I assume this can be achieved at partial cost to what is being done for advertising and this could be a way in right direction.