SWACHHTA- starting from TOILET

By Naveen Joshi

The Indian scriptures have underlined the importance of the cleanliness since ages. In Manusmriti, the importance of hygiene and cleanliness has been clearly underlined for the overall growth of an individual vis-à-vis the scoiety. History tells us that all the great civilizations which have flourished on the earth have given due weightage to the drainage and hygiene system in the town planning. The great Indus Valley Civilization is one of the best examples of the same. The drainage system of Harappa, Mohen-jo Daro, Kalibangan were quite remarkable.



Courtesy: http://www.sewerhistory.org, http://www.jaia-bharati.org


In today’s era, it seems the hygiene factor has become secondary as can be seen from the fact that more than half of the rural population of India still defecates in the open.  The importance of hygiene and cleanliness can never be ignored for the development. If one has to make use of the demographic dividend for the development, than the importance of “Swachhta” can’t be left aside. However, it seems now the government has realized the importance of the same as can be seen from the efforts being taken by it so as make the people aware of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness through Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, and of late these efforts are making positive changes in the right direction.


Making India open defecation free which was not even in dreams till few years back, is pretty soon going to be reality in the forthcoming years. The efforts taken by all the stakeholders in realising this goal are worth appreciating. Such has been the impact of the campaign that a love story has been made in the Bollywood alongside highlighting the importance of hygiene and dignity of women. Though credit for creating awareness for Swacch Bharat cannot be left to the cine blitz world, but the role of movies in influencing the masses cannot be ignored. Such efforts from film fraternity can give boost to GenX film-makers to picturize movies on such issues which can provide not only good entertainment without creating any social divide, but also give impactful message which will really help in the development of the society.

Looking forward for more of such changes in our society…….

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