Thought and Action

There are various kinds of people in this world. On the basis of thoughts and actions, people may be divided into three categories:-

1. The people who only think and do not translate it into action. They see what is happening in front of them, but don’t participate in activities,even if there is a need of their help. The character of Kishkandha king Sugreev is like this. When Ravan was eloping Sita, she was crying for help, an old valture Jatayu flew for help, obstructed Ravan and ultimately died. Ram gave him a status of Father. Where as Sugreev was a king, having big army and could give a blow to Ravan but only watching. No reaction to Ravan’s act.

2. Second category of people is who are not giving any thought to their actions. They might repent at last. Ravan was of this type of category. They are excessive egoistic type of people.

kinds of people
  1. The third category of people: first they think and then materialise it. Hanuman was of this type of creatures. He used to think first about the problem and then worked out to solve it. He was always ready to help to anyone who is in need of his help. This is the reason of his popularity..

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  1. R.C.Joshi says:

    Jai Shri Ram. Hanuman gained various kinds of boons from Gods .

  2. Generationwyo says:

    Century to a kind of destruction:

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