Saawan: “Fabric holding the diversity tightly”

By N.C. Joshi

The flavor of monsoon can be felt in all the facets of life in relation to the people of India. From the mighty Himalayas of the North to the oceans of the South, from the marshes of the Rann to the dense forests of the East, monsoon has influence over one and all. Indian climate is regarded as the best example of the monsoon climate. India has been a land of diversity. There is diversity of religion, language, habitation, social practice and so on. However, despite so many diversities there has been a common feature of celebration of festivals, which though differ in celebration style but still have similarity in bringing joy and happiness to the masses. The monsoon also provides a catalysing force in reinforcing this celebration and joy.

Monsoon season
With the monsoon, many festivals are linked up, some festivals are related with the onset of the monsoon which traditionally symbolizes the sowing season of an agricultural economy, while few are related with the harvesting season. In some areas, people worship the nature God so as to protect themselves from the furry of monsoon which at times brings to much devastation thereby affecting the lives of masses adversely; while in some other areas people do the worship so as to appease the nature God to shower the blessings upon them in the form of rain droplets which will help them to sustain their livelihood. Despite such contrast in nature of faith and belief, the common fabric of monsoon holds them tightly.
saawan movie
Monsoon also have a deep influence over the entertainment pattern of the people at large since ages. There have been many traditional dance forms, origin of which can be traced to the rainfall and monsoon.Even the present cinema industry is dependent quite a lot on monsoon for seeking inspiration in filming songs of movies as “Saawan” helps in igniting the fire through rain droplets. Monsoon is like the soul of the great Indian culture, which is holding so many diversity into a unique one.

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  1. R.C.Joshi says:

    Good attempt to correlate monsoon and Indian socio-economic life.

  2. R.C.Joshi says:

    Monsoon affect the life of people of Indian subcontinent. People become busy in economic activities as and when they get time they paticipate in various cultural activities. Festival….are good examples for it

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